The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority Read an important message from Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg.

The health and safety of our staff, customers, and community is our top priority Read an important message from Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg.

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Technology

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Technology

Alfa Romeo sets a high standard for luxury automation not just with its finely crafted designs and formidable powertrains, but also with cutting-edge technology that accounts for safety, connectivity, and convenience. As one of the most popular luxury SUVs in its segment, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is generous in available technology that keeps you confident, connected, and entertained at the wheel. If you're based in or around Winnipeg, Manitoba, allow us to introduce you to some of the Italian-made Stelvio's extensive technology, and contact us for more on how these features can optimize your driving experience.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio Forward Collision Warning

As part of the Stelvio's available Active Driver Assistance Package, the Forward Collision Warning Plus function does its part to help minimize the potential damage of frontal collisions, if not avoid them entirely. This feature keeps a close eye on the road ahead and intervenes when danger is near.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Active Blind Spot Assist

Consider this available technology an extra set of eyes when braving a busy highway. Using rear-mounted sensors to keep an eye on your surroundings, Active Blind Spot Assist will issue a visual warning to alert you when vehicles are in your blind spots to help you avoid rear-end and lane change-related accidents.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Back-Up Camera & Parking Sensors

Backing in and out of tight spaces and tackling tricky parking assignments has never been easier. With the Stelvio's back-up camera and parking sensors, you'll enjoy a clear picture of what's behind you and be alerted to nearby obstacles while reversing.

Infotainment & Convenience

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Touchscreen

Infotainment is user-friendly and convenient with this Italian luxury SUV's sprawling 8.8-inch touchscreen. This horizontally scrolling display provides easy access to all your phone, music, navigation, and app services for optimal, hassle-free connectivity on the go.

Harman Kardon Premium Audio System

Those who value enhanced entertainment at the wheel can treat themselves to a Harman Kardon Premium Audio System. This lauded sound system comes with 14 precision-tuned speakers that allow you to enjoy your favourite tunes and podcasts to the fullest.

Wireless Charging

No one likes a cluttered cabin. With wireless charging, you can keep all your most important devices in working order and both your cabin and centre console organized.

Hands-Free Power Liftgate

Convenience and practicality are paramount in a crossover, even a luxury crossover like the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. If you're in the habit of tackling errands and chauffeuring precious cargo around town, the Stelvio's available hands-free power liftgate will come in handy, especially when you need access to your cargo area with your hands full.

If you'd like to enjoy this varied, innovative technology day in, day out, our finance centre can help you make the latest Alfa Romeo Stelvio yours with minimal delay. Visit us online or contact Alfa Romeo of Winnipeg at your convenience to get started.

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