Winnipeg, A Quick History of A.L.F.A.
"What's in a name?" In this case, quite a bit, actually.

Alfa Romeo's history is lengthy and rich-and that includes even such detailed bits as their moniker. They weren't always 'Alfa.' In fact, in 1910, the collection of businessmen and entrepreneurs that established the company originally dubbed it 'Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili' (Lombard Automobile Factory, Public Company), or 'A.L.F.A.' for short.

So, how did we get from an acronym to today's household name? Well, as it turns out, this is a wartime story. During WWI, A.L.F.A. swiftly pivoted from the creation of race cars to the manufacture of military equipment, including aircraft engines and ammunition. The wartime effort was led by one Nicola Romeo, a Naples entrepreneur. His efforts were dutiful and respected-so much so that when A.L.F.A. returned to car production in 1919 at the end of combat, Nicola was formally honored. A.L.F.A. gained his namesake, and 'Alfa Romeo' was officially born.  

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